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HEVN is a first person adventure game, set a hundred years into the future on a desolate planetoid called Naic. You play as Sebastian Mar, the gutsy last crew member to wake from deep space hibernation. With the help of his colleague Edna, Seb must figure out a way to survive the deserted and crumbling sectors of the Nomoni Mining Facility. Explore a rich and interactive world, battle its hostile elements, uncover a sinister plot, and search for answers. Do what you can to make it off this faraway rock alive!

Key Features:

  • Time Well: Plan your combat strategy by stopping time and incrementally moving it forward on each attack or maneuver.
  • Investigation Implant: Activate your implant to see which objects might be useful to you on your adventure. Orient yourself while finding the all important Data Packet Terminals with the mini-map outline.
  • Anti-Gravity: Use anti-gravity zones from Processed Soviten to solve puzzles and more.
  • Collect: Collect Soviten Gems and Dossiers to increase your Resolve.
  • Lifeforms: Battle dangerous life forms on your journey. Be careful of the flying ones, they’re especially brutal!
  • Combat: Take down relentless droid robots that have been hacked to stop you.
  • Companion: Take your droid buddy along. He might just save your life!
  • Narrative: Coordinate with your crewmate Edna. She’s your guide to getting off this rock!
  • Player Modules: Use modules to reveal deeper statistics about the player’s health, combat skills, and information about the nearby area.
  • Tension: Race against time before the hacker Daedalus discovers Edna’s location and compromises the entire mission.
  • Survive: Use your wits to last in a rich environment full of lore and depth. Uncover a deep and involved mystery.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Complete or demo?

Hi Kyuukegamer! This is the complete game.


Hi, congrats on release, your game looks fantastic. With all the features this is impressive for just two devs, I look forward to playing it. 

May I ask, what factors were involved in your decision to launch the game for free?


Thanks very much and hope you enjoy it!

Absolutely, the main reason is since it's our first game and we're new to the indie gaming scene we wanted to try to get our name out there. Hopefully this can help attract some players and maybe some of them might remember us when our next game comes out.

Also for those that don't have the funds to purchase the game, but are interested in it - they can give it a try and if they like it, perhaps share it with a friend or two :) Or maybe even make a small donation later (really like itch.io's donation pricing model for this).



will it going to work on a mac?

as in does it support os.


Hi Ember Sixteen - Currently the demo is only for PC. But yes, we are planning on releasing a Mac version in the near future.


sweet good to know


thank you for taking time to reply.

is it 32 bit?

steam says, 64bit ..